House Files: Tupperware

Before having kids, I thought I had a lot of tupperware, and finding a matching top to a bottom on a first try was like, a major win.

But then I had kids, and the Tupperware got out of control!!!

Between lunch boxes, snack cups, and the dozens of plastic containers you need for a 1-hour trip to the zoo, my kitchen became one big disorganized Tupperware storage unit.

A few months ago I decided I was tired of wasting countless minutes digging through tupperware to find a match, because in parent time, free minutes are highly coveted and I refuse to waste them on plastic. And so off to Pinterest I went to find a better solution to my Tupperware explosion.

I found a lot of cute solutions, most of which required a label maker and $100 spent at the Container Store. No thanks. Instead, I found some unused bins and boxes I wasn’t using and took matters into my own hands.

The end result? A pretty organized and space saving Tupperware solution, that I can vouch for keeping up, as it’s been a whole month and we’re still going strong!

Let me share my 3 step process.

Step 1: BINGE

Take out all of the containers, spread them out across a big table or floor, and start matching. If you find a top or bottom without a perfect mate, trash it. Or recycle it, rather 😉 Don’t think for a minute it will turn up. It won’t.


Now that you have your cute little pairs, separate the tops from bottom. Yes, separate! This is the secret sauce folks.

Step 3: STACK

In one container, place all the bottoms. Stack them with the biggest on the bottom, so they nestle nicely.  Then in the other container place the tops, stacked up against one another. You want a good snuggle here.

Simple right? And you can pull out the entire container quickly, to find what you need.

Now on to my husband’s closet 😉

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