Creepy Mommy

I’ll be the first to admit it. I love spying on my kids.

As moms we spend so much time with our kids immersed in the day to day routine, that sometimes it’s really fun (and quite eye opening!) to get to see them in their “natural state”.  It’s like streaming animal planet without the Netflix subscription.

Because often when my kids don’t know I’m watching, they prove to be the mature, forgiving, helpful, and loving creatures I try so hard to help them become.

Some of my favorite spy tactics include…

Sneaking into school at pick up so I can watch through the glass window as my daughter Lucy plays outside. It’s here that I witness her budding independence, her ability to actually converse with “friends”, and get up on the playground climber without assistance.

I have also found myself sitting at the top of the stairs to the basement playroom, secretly watching my two kids play together. I’ve witnessed Charlie run to Lucy’s aid when she trips over a toy, and the two of them giggling as they hide under a blanket from our dog.

Another creepy favorite is standing outside the door while Charlie poops. Don’t judge me. Because it’s only on these occasions do I get to really hear Charlie as he sings made up songs and tells imaginative stories, void of the embarrassment from adult observation.

But maybe my most favorite, and now not-so-secret spy tactic, is watching my son and husband on the video monitor as they do their bedtime routine. Oh the snuggles and hilarious life conversations they have! They are enough to get me through the hard days of parenting.

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to keep up my stealth mama moves, but until then, watch out kids, mom is always watching.

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