What’s the deal with kid water bottles?

I have a confession. I don’t do a thorough wash of my kids’ water bottles every day.

Yes, I take off the tops and clean the inside and outside with soap and water (except on those days when I accidentally leave them at school), but I don’t dismantle all the little parts and sanitize them every night, as the parenting websites dictate I should.

I’m fully aware that by doing this I’m risking the flu, hand foot and mouth, strep, and the millions of other child viruses that are lurking in every day care corner.  But I abstain due to a combination of forgetfulness, business, laziness, and just an overall attitude that it’s not totally necessary. 

But that all changed last week when the daily kid grime was really getting to me, and I decided a deep clean was necessary. I’ll spare you what I found in the water bottle crevices, but let me tell you, I was horrified.

I immediately blamed it on the water bottles themselves. I clearly bought defective ones. But after asking my trusty moms on Facebook for better water bottle recommendations, I learned that the problem was me. Apparently everyone fully dismantles the bottles and runs them through the dishwasher every freaking night.


But it got me thinking about this whole water bottle business in general and how absurd it sometimes feels. When I was growing up, bottled water wasn’t even a thing. If we got thirsty, we’d fill up a cup from the kitchen sink, use the Brita (remember those?) or when we were out and about, we’d use this thing called a water fountain. There was no hefting around a $20 pint size Nalgene from Amazon Prime and my parents certainly weren’t loosing sleep over my hydration levels.

Of course, we know more now and this stuff feels so main stream that I feel compelled to jump on the water bottle bandwagon. And I am vowing to do a better job at deep cleaning Charlie’s Batman thermos.

But the real questions remain… Is this all really necessary? And HONESTLY moms, am I the only one guilty of these cleaning short cuts?

Water bottles
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